Tire And Wheel Racking

Tire And Wheel Racking


Looking for the best tire and wheel rack to store your wide variety of tires of different shapes and sizes can be challenging. While there are numerous products that keep your tires and wheels safe there are not many that can match the high-quality and durability that we offer.

Our tires and wheel racking models offer you the luxury of optimizing your space while finding a safe haven for storing them. Here are some features and benefits that set them apart from the rest of the storage models.


Gone are the days when storing tires and wheels was a huge concern for garage owners. Our tires and wheel racking are convenient to use. They provide a cost-effective and versatile solution to all your racking queries and problems.

The large and hefty tires lying in your garage require a sturdy and durable construction that can bear their weight. Our racking can hold more than 200 kg per shelf, sufficient to store a decent number of tires. The racking is available in various colors and themes. You can customize the themes according to your preferences if the current stock does not impress you.

You don’t need to worry about the storage space too as our racking can store large tires without any issue during removal or replacement.


There are numerous benefits of using our tire racking.

  • Affordable– A tire racking is an affordable and cost-effective solution to the storage problems in your garage. Getting a tire racking helps you in clearing up ample space in your workstation.
  • Convenient– A tire racking is convenient to use. You don’t have to worry about singling out items from a variety of tires as the racking helps you in setting up categories for each type.
  • Durable– Our tire racking is durable and sturdy and can get exceptional scores in the test of time.

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