Gravity Flow racking

Gravity Flow Racking


Our gravity pallet racking framework can be worked both automatically and manually by an integrated RF-system. You’ll be able to interface the PLC-software to your centralized server, send commands and get status data to upgrade streams in your warehouse. Gravity pallet racking system offers remote control from an RF-terminal within the hand-held device or from a lift truck. Each gravity  pallet racking system can increase capacity up to 90% and can lead to a notable decrease in heating, lighting or cooling cost. This flexible setup permits closing and opening of the aisles. Gravity pallet racking system empowers compact storage whereas keeping each individual pallet accessible. Moreover gravity offer versatile capacity for operations where the weight, size and quality of the pallets to be stored can’t be controlled or predicted. Gravity pallet racking is the perfect solution for your workhouse.

Need more space in your facility? This framework on gravity bases empowers access to a few shelves from one single working aisle. It increase warehouse capacity. With this system racking units ended up more compact and their storage capacity impressively expand. All this without giving up direct access to any product in the stock. Gravity bile pallet racks are the best way to store products if there is any restriction on available space. It is also the ideal system for refrigerated or deepfreeze rooms.

Benefits of Installing Gravity Flow Racking:

  • High rate of storage space use.
  • Implementation of inventory movement principle FIFO (first in first out).
  • Increased labor productivity by division into loading and unloading zones. Minimized number of trucks and personnel for handling.
  • Easy pick-up operations of goods.
  • High storage density.
  • Higher efficiency of storage compared to conventional racking systems.


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