Rack Supported Warehouses



Rack Supported Warehouses is a self-supporting structure that creates the maximum use of ground heights and space. By utilizing the shelves or racks as the backbone of a structure that holds the roof and walls of the warehouse in place, this framework itself gets to be the core part of the warehouse building. No matter what racks and shelves you’re utilizing, be it drive-in, conventional, live or shuttle, you can effectively make use of the shelves/racks as a base to turn it into a structure that gets to be the warehouse building itself.

The main reason Rack Supported Warehouses are utilized is because of their extreme space saving feature. With shelves and racks that are nearly touching the ceiling of the building, there’s no question about the space proficiency of this framework. Rack supported Warehouses are vigorous frameworks with the quality obtained from dense racking structure. The various upright columns of the racks disperse the weight of the real loads among themselves. Not only that, Rack Supported Warehouses are designed to require compel of external phenomenon like warm, wind, snowfall, rain and seismic movement etc.

Main Features of Rack Supported Warehouses:

  • Smart Construction
  • Highly adaptable
  • Powerful and robust
  • Versatile
  • Best in space effectiveness
  • Very high storage capacity
  • Inexpensive construction

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