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Retail warehouses are undergoing a dramatic transformation in their setup with accelerated cycles, multi-channel fulfilment and storage density requirement that is ever increasing. Characterized by large volumes of SKUs that pass through the logistics at break-neck speed, retailers are reliant on its warehouse storage strategy to make or break their business.

We understand the unique challenges of retail warehouse storage and address the changing market dynamics. Given the industry-wide drive to reduce inventory levels, we delicately balance the need to ensure non-stop product flow without requiring excess buffer storage.

Some of our considerations in developing your warehouse storage plan:
 Optimize storage media: Different SKUs move at different paces through your supply chain. We separate the fast-moving SKUs from the slow-moving ones and store them in appropriate storage media, thus improving your storage density without compromising on speed.

 Improvement of pick efficiencies: The efficiency of order picking is one of the most crucial factors in retail warehouse storage. Through a combination of intelligent designs and innovative hot zoning, we maximize the pick efficiency in your warehouse and improve your stock control.

 Reduce travel time: Travel time accounts for more than 50% of order picking hours. This translates into higher labour costs and lower customer satisfaction. We improve your pick density through batch and cluster algorithms and combined order picking processes to reduce travel time for picking significantly.

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