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Safe Storage of Drugs and Chemicals
Storage facilities are a crucial component of cost and time-to-market to pharma, healthcare and chemical industries. More importantly, the storage needs to be safe because stock from these industries is sensitive to moisture content and temperature, and could be a safety hazard. A storage system needs to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for safe keeping of inventory in these industries.HABIB AND SON’S understands these industries’ requirements – not only of safety but also of easy accessibility of goods, especially because of the typically small size of SKUs.Some of our considerations in developing your storage facility: Protected storage environment: Storage facilities need to be free from accumulated waste or vermin. They also need to be able to allow pest-control programs that do not contaminate the chemicals or drugs. The facilities should be dry and temperature-controlled. Our designs are built to maintain such sensitive stock in good conditions.Easy tracking of stock: Minimizing hand-touch and mechanized tracking of inventory is essential to keep track of usable or expired, recalled or returned stock as well as stock for temporary as well as bulk storage. The design needs to account for a designated area for such stock segregation. Our custom solutions reduce stock retrieval time and keep track of stock with precision.High safety standards: Pharmaceutical companies need to ensure that their storage facilities are compliant with USFDA and OHSAS standards. Organizations are increasingly being evaluated on the occupational health and safety they provide to employees, and their products are marketed based on the treatment of goods along the supply chain, including warehouse storage. HABIB AND SON’S’s expertise in maintaining global standards of safety in storage help pharma companies in achieving all parameters.

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