Rack Supported Mezzanines

Rack Supported Mezzanines


Rack Supported Mezzanine offers you a concept which can be integrated with different other frameworks to extend storage capacity inside the workhouse. Our Rack Supported Mezzanine floors are a really viable way of utilizing the space above and over racking. This frame of mezzanine is built from pallet racking materials and is by and large the foremost cost compelling ways of building a mezzanine. Storage can be gained over the structure with an open deck, also the back for the deck is usable pallet that can either be utilized as shelving or left open.

The Rack Supported Mezzanine utilizes overhead space for rack capacity without the need of a basic mezzanine framework. This heavy duty racking or racking or cantilever racking gets to be the auxiliary support for the catwalk floor framework. Our rack supported mezzanine floors are perfect for working space projects and joint storage. This sort of rack storage is much more prudent than a free standing mezzanine with container shelving units introduced below and over the mezzanine floor whereas still offering the expanded storage capacity. At Habib and sons Storage solutions, we make sure to supply the leading in quality items.

Features of Rack supported Mezzanine:

  • Economical compared to concrete construction
  • Highly portable
  • Non-permanent structure
  • Available with either wooden or metal flooring
  • Easy to install and free standing in existing buildings

Depending on your mezzanine project’s load prerequisites, the shelving or racking can either partially or fully support the floor over. Each project is outlined by our in-house group cooperatively with your business, guaranteeing you a modern mezzanine which is space and cost proficient.

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